The Game Changing High Demand for CBD/Hemp Drives Revenue and Acquisitions

Newsfile Corp.Newsfile July 9, 2019

Point Roberts, Washington and Delta, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – July 9, 2019) –, a leading investor news resource covering hemp and cannabis stocks releases a multimedia snapshot reporting on the movement surrounding CBD/hemp business acquisitions based on continued growth in consumer and industrial demand in both the US and internationally.

Fior Markets said in its recent report, ‘the global industrial hemp market is expected to grow from USD 4.41 Billion in 2018 to USD 14.67 Billion by 2026’.

Strategically positioning for this sector, Simlatus Corporation (OTC: SIML), a holding company focused on opportunities in the cannabis space, with Proscere Bioscience as the company’s division focused on the CBD industry just commented on the cannabis industry and their acquisitions.

Richard Hylen, Chairman and CEO stated, “Our shareholders and management team have been on an impressive run ever since the company expanded its footprint into the cannabis sector with our most recent acquisition of Proscere Bioscience. With this acquisition, the company gained access to a cold-water CBD extraction technology that presents an exciting opportunity in revenue generation. With the acquisition, the company has gained access to a valuable asset capable of strengthening its revenue base, with a current $2.8M in its first purchase order and commitments of $275M over the next 5 years. The company has already set sights on Canada, USA, and Europe as it embarks on an aggressive commercialization drive for the cold-water CBD extraction systems.”

He went on to say, “Legal marijuana is worth an estimated $50 billion for the U.S. today, and experts have projected the U.S. industry to skyrocket to $80 billion by 2030. Simlatus has a firm standing in this industry with the manufacturing of its Cold-Water Extraction Systems required to fulfill the industry needs for THC, CBD and Hemp extraction. Cannabis legalization has swept across North America with 10 states plus Washington, D.C. that provide legalized recreational marijuana; and full legalization having arrived in Canada in October 2018. Our subsidiary, Proscere Bioscience, is fulfilling its first order of $2.8M and 5 year commitments from its global distribution of $275M. This is definitely a game changer for our company and our shareholders.”

The company continues to be technology and service driven in the growing industries of cannabis, audio/video and high-speed internet products; while its new management team uses its own cash reserves to drive down debt and dilution and focus on moving the company to NASDAQ.

PotNetwork Holding, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Diamond CBD, has also launched several new lines of CBD oil products for the consumer and wholesale markets, including Full Spectrum CBD MCT Oils, CBD Oil with Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil Honey Tinctures, and CBD Oil with Olive Oil. The new products are being launched at a time when consumer interest and preference for CBD products continues to peak.

Diamond CBD’s new CBD oil products have been a hit with consumers as well as in the wholesale market, helping merchants and retailers to boost sales and bring larger numbers of customers through their doors. Available in several of the Company’s more popular brands, including Relax, Meds Biotech, and its own consumer-favorite eponymous brand, these new CBD oil products brought in over $1.1 million in sales in May alone.

According to a new Gallup poll, most Americans are aware of CBD oil and many feel it is beneficial in some way. As the market for products continues to grow, Diamond CBD continues to introduce new and exciting products to meet the wants and needs of consumers.

While CBD continues to have its day in the sun, we can expect to see more acquisitions and partnerships in this space which in turn is expected to have a massive impact on the price point of hemp/CBD products in the near future, similar to what was seen in early adopter cannabis states. This is expected to drive consumer demand even further but will force companies to strategically position themselves with the right business plan if they want to stand out in an overcrowded CBD market.

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