Hemp Field Day offers potential growers the chance to see how Hemp is planted, harvested and produced.
Posted By: Hannah Poynter

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – In 2014, the Indiana General Assembly allowed research institutes like Purdue University to grow Hemp.

Since then, Purdue University and Midwest Hemp Council have hosted several “Hemp Field Days,”

Hemp Specialist Marguerite Bolt says she’s never seen so many people interested in attending the event.

“We capped out our registration at 200 people, 100 for the morning and 100 for the afternoon and the people that help me set this up we’re still getting calls up to this morning about registering,” said Bolt.

Healthy Hoosier Oil owner Mark Boyer says industrial Hemp’s THC levels are required to be below three-tenths of a percent.

“Hemp is simply a cousin of marijuana, we maybe overuse the reference but we commonly use the reference between Chihuahua and a Great Dane, they’re both dogs but they’re dramatically different,” said Boyer.

You must be registered through the Office of Indiana State Chemist before planting- otherwise, you could face the consequences.

“You will be required to have a license to grow, they do this from a regulatory standpoint but for your own protection because if you don’t register for a license and don’t say where you’re growing hemp- even though it’s hemp, in the law’s eyes it is marijuana,” added Bolt.

Bolt says she wants participants to understand that Hemp can face its issues.

“We’re doing this research to try to help growers produce hemp in the future,” added Bolt. “But we also want to demonstrate that since this year was such a rainy season, Hemp can have its issues growing,”

Attendees can learn how to deal with pest management, planting, and harvesting.

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