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Set up your server! Go-to control panel, reinstall tab, install Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 , save your root password! wait 2-5mins refresh , go-to you VNC control panel , log in server id: root Password:(root password) Run the following commands: 1. apt-get update 2. apt install openjdk-8-jdk openjfx 3. apt-get install openjdk-8-jre nano screen ufw 4. ufw default deny incoming 5. ufw allow 7876 6. ufw allow 7874(edited)

[9:51 AM]MoneyMind420(iC2S)(2Bits):


Install the 2Bits Client! Enter commands: 1. wget 2. unzip ( Apt-get unzip ) if you don’t have unzip installed yet Then retry unzip

[9:57 AM]MoneyMind420(iC2S)(2Bits):



CONFIGURE PROPERTIES Make sure capital B in 2Bitscoin-master 1. cd 2Bits-master/conf 2. nano Add this to new file: nxt.myAddress=your server ip nxt.allowedBotHosts=* nxt.allowedUserHosts=* nxt.apiServerHost= CTRL X to save and then Enter key.(edited)

[10:01 AM]MoneyMind420(iC2S)(2Bits):



RUN THE NODE Enter commands: 1. cd ../ 2. Bash ./ 2. Screen Bash ./ The 2bits blockchain will download.  Screen bash command allows you to close the command window while the client to continues to run. Visit the client in browser here: http://ipaddress:7876/ Create and fund new account.

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