Florida Commissioner of Agriculture tours Broome County hemp farm

For Florida, a growing hemp industry could be a game-changer for their economy.

(WBNG) — Hemp, a growing industry in the Southern Tier, is drawing lawmakers from other states to learn more about the crop.

“Knowing that the State of New York has done such progress when it comes to hemp and the production of hemp here and revitalizing this community. That’s what we’re doing in Florida,” said Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried.

Fried said, “We are envisioning a 20 to 30 billion dollar industry. Completely diversified, from small farmers to large farmers, from minorities to those in the CBD and Hemp space already, to entrepreneurs.”

Hemp can replace things like plastics, paper, styrofoam, and even concrete.

Florida is looking for a new crop to boost them to new heights.

Fried said, “From unfair trade negotiations, like with NAFTA, USMCA, as well as hurricanes. Hurricanes completely decimated our panhandle last October. We are still trying to rebuild, and finding an alternative crop that is going to be produced for our state.”

New York State Rep. Donna Lupardo said, “we’re all committed to having the safest and most robust hemp programs in the country. It’s nice to have people from out of state coming, learning from us. But also sharing ideas of what they’re doing.”

Officials hope that this new partnership will revolutionize the agriculture industry on a national level.

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Stand for Truth

A veteran of the US Army. I have lived in Fl for 28 years and I am well diverse in Cannabis and Hemp. Looking forward to the future.

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