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What is is a brand new social network for content creators and streamers. Developed by BitTube, BitTubers emphasizes free speech, fairness and unrestricted monetization across the board. This platform is the successor to, launched in mid-2018, building upon its original peer-to-peer fundamentals with greatly improved monetization options, discoverability, interactivity and engagement features.

Real monetization. No economic censorship.

At its core, BitTubers is a WebTorrent-powered content sharing platform. By design, it has inherent censorship protection, real peer-to-peer live streaming, and effective content monetization, offered through the AirTime browser extension on AirTime does not rely on ads or third parties. More importantly, BitTube owns both banking and exchange licenses to process payments. As a company, we, therefore, have full control in protecting creators against censorship, something that has become unfortunately necessary in recent days.

Another social media platform, why?

Good question. Current Silicon Valley-based platforms have had an effective monopoly on our online public discourse for a long time. In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that they openly stifle free speech by restricting, demonetizing or outright banning people they do not agree with. Free speech alternatives such as Gab, Bitchute and Minds and ourselves have been slowly taking market share by chipping around the edges, but it’s not been enough and there is one glaring issue that only we are solving properly: real monetization without ads based on AirTime.

Our AirTime monetization system is not limited to it works everywhere. BitTubers is not trying to be ‘yet another’ social media platform — it does not have to be. We do not view other platforms as direct competition. The real competition is people’s attention and (un)willingness to change their habits. We, therefore, focus strongly on integration and complementing existing platforms through the required extension. As a new platform, we realize that even as more and more popular creators join, ultimately the majority of their audience will spend most of their time on e.g. YouTube anyway, regardless of the existence of many alternatives.

Creators are the cornerstone of value. User experience, accessibility, and convenience are the main focus to enable them to add BitTubers to their publishing rotation. How we plan to ‘integrate and complement’ is enabling instant cross-posting/commenting through the extension, which both creators and viewers can use to share content, generate traffic and establish parallel comment sections outside of legacy platforms. Secondly, what reinforces this approach is the fact that every piece of media posted on or watched by BitTube users is automatically monetized. This means that, for example, when a YouTuber simply crossposts their YouTube link on, it is still monetized by BitTube users when they watch it on YouTube, completely outside the grasp of YouTube itself.

Exceeding the sum of its parts.

Some standout features of are from combining familiar elements from established platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Patreon. For example Subscriptions, Topics, chat rooms, direct messages, public and private Groups, advanced comment trees and Premium donation tiers all strengthen one another, and enable you to promote and discover new content and build both open and patron communities in a unique way. See Features & Roadmap for a more detailed breakdown.

Free speech vs moderation.

It’s vital to do content moderation right without compromising on free speech. Being a small company, we at BitTube know that centralized moderation is not a viable long-term strategy for success. We are hence equipping BitTubers with several layers of user-oriented moderation with a strong focus on fairness, autonomy, and transparency. Creators can moderate their own comment sections and appoint others to help. Post moderation will be handled in part by a distributed Community Moderation System (CMS) that anyone can participate in to help process reports and earn rewards. Read more about Moderation and our Community Guidelines.

Remember, we are in Early Beta!

Watch this video to learn more is currently in early beta with basic functionality. Major features and improvements will be released this year. To learn more, go to

Development Features & Roadmap

Peer-to-peer content sharing

BitTubers is powered by the WebTorrent protocol. Post videos, images, audio clips, full articles, and host live streams. All content comes with a Magnet URI to share either via our own AirShare implementation or host (re-seed) using a BitTorrent client, improving censorship resistance for creators.

Monetization powered by AirTime

Everything on is monetized by AirTime, a blockchain-based technology that rewards both creators and viewers based on time watched without ads. Users must verify their account with the AirTime extension to start earning, send donations and manage their funds. Learn more on and our Knowledge Base.


Topics are hashtags that you can follow and organize, allowing you to browse particular subjects as well as easily explore new content. Topics can be compared to Twitter hashtags as if they were subreddits, turning them into potent channels for content discovery and promotion. The number of allowed Topics per post is therefore capped by the membership: verified members are allowed just 2, Plus members 3, Content Creators 5, Power Users 10.

This year we will introduce a “Lounge” chat room feature, where each Topic will have its own chat rooms and users can spawn their own Lounge and attempt to popularize it to earn rewards.


Create private and public groups to foster personalized communities. Group chats will be coming soon, which will make them an interesting addition besides Telegram or Discord, for example.


Connections are subscriptions who have subscribed back to you, (comparable to Friends on Facebook), allowing you to send direct messages. In time, this simple metric allows us to establish network circles, tailor search suggestions, offer ‘Connections only’ features and so on.

Upvotes and cred

Posts can be upvoted and downvoted, similar to Reddit. To combat spam and promote high-quality content, BitTubers uses a ‘cred’ system in which cred points are earned from engagement (receiving upvotes, likes, comments, replies, etc). In turn, users with high cred cast more than 1 point when upvoting or downvoting. Their cred advantage will slowly deplete with each vote if no additional cred is received. The cred system is primarily a spam protection mechanism; there are no particular penalties for having a low cred score. Users with repeated Community Guidelines violations (e.g. copyright strikes, posting inappropriate content) can incur a significant negative cred score, which will restrict their account and require either time or small payment to reset their cred to neutral. This implies that building up cred also builds up a buffer that protects you against possible account restrictions.

Coming in 2019

Promote your posts

Pay to boost the exposure of your posts in certain Topics to gain a bigger audience. Topic Lounge An advanced chat room feature for Topics. Each Topic will have its own chat rooms (“Lounges”). Every user can spawn their own Lounge and attempt to popularize it to earn rewards.


An additional content feed randomly featuring recent content, weighed by the user’s overall activity on the platform.

Events Calendar

Plan live streams and post premieres set reminders and promote events on a global calendar.

Community Moderation system

An open-participation distributed moderation system to process reports and earn rewards.

Multi-Channel Networks

Users with a Power User membership will be able to organize multi-channel networks, allowing lower-tier creators to join and benefit from their post privileges in return for revenue.

Creation Hub

Additional tools for creators for bulk uploading, moderation, channel analytics, etc.

Night Mode and custom themes

Personalize your BitTubers experience with custom themes.

Upcoming Features & Milestones

List under construction

BitTube ecosystem milestones

BitTube browser upgrades: Medium term

We intend the BitTube browser to become a pillar of the ecosystem. It will enable true decentralization where every user will participate in the network in multiple ways.

  • Tor integration
  • Local BitTubers frontend integration (i.e. domain can’t be censored)
  • BitTubeHost: p2p storage node capability and interface
  • Native offline GUI wallet node & interface
  • Auto updater (enables auto updates of BitTubers front end versions)
  • Seamless switching between p2p/cloud on (not Browser related)
  • Long term: simple decentralized exchange (p2p orderbooks and OTC trading, reduce dependency on centralized liquidity on exchanges)

Mobile Messenger App (name TBD): Medium term

  • Based on Signal (p2p, encrypted).
  • AirTime integrated
  • Wallet integrated to send/receive funds
  • Exploring deep integration with the BitTubers platform:
  • All-in-one app
  • Push notifications
  • Private messages & chats
  • Integrate BitTube browser itself

Extension/Module updates: Medium term

  • Browser extension: The extension should become an accessory, not a requirement. Make it lightweight. Reduce bloat, improve performance and security by modularity. Move certain features to the AirTime module, to or to, such as wallet, verification, account management, statistics, etc.
  • Extension feature for linked social accounts: Cross-publish your posts/comments from other platforms automatically or manually. This could be useful to auto-publish your YouTube videos to BitTubers, for example.
  • AirTime module: improve detection of elements and fair AirTime distribution when mixed content is shown on the page, including external embedded content.

Protocol (blockchain): Long term (TBD)

  • Move to AirTime-based PoS (useful work):
    • Exploring different models: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Hybrid PoW-PoS, high interest in Proof-of-Capacity (BURST protocol). upcoming features

In no special order. Mostly short (<3m) to medium (<6m) term. Will order later according to progress and priorities.

  • Term & conditions (done), guidelines (in progress)
  • Streamlined login process (done)
  • Video view UI (in progress –
  • TUBE payment gateway for memberships
  • Verify account inside BitTubers (no extension needed)
  • Articles: flexible formatting, up to 40k characters
  • Post chaining, repost, repost with comment
  • Profile: Posts, Shared, Comments/Reposts tabs, custom links improvements, pin posts, guestbook, donate to profile, search filters, gallery folders, more privacy options
  • Private messages UI/UX improvements
  • Multi profile options
  • Groups: Posts/Shared tabs, Moderation, Premium features (patronage), Multi-contributor features (autonomous MCNs), analytics
  • Show public group posts on your profile
  • Topics: Topic Lounge (chat rooms), promoted posts, pinned posts, word clouds, analytics
  • Streams: live chat features & moderation tools
  • Assign profile moderators, group moderators
  • Curated/privileged topics (for company use)
  • Video/Audio transcoding, XP costs
  • Stream recording (limits based on membership)
  • Sharing:
  • XP cost to connections (done)
  • TUBE cost to outsiders (promotion)
  • Comment/chat moderation, user-defined word filters
  • Post promotion: boost post in specified #topics, XP cost based on topic popularity, time-based promo campaigns
  • Polls: robust verifiable voting system
  • Original content: badges, ranking rules, moderation rules, XP earning rules, etc.
  • Explore:
  • Improve trending/rising etc algos
  • Advanced search filters (duration etc)
  • Notification feed like Twitter: check all notifications and related posts in one feed
  • Bell notifications, email notifications, push notifications
  • Better notification filters (more types to enable/disable)
  • Creator tools (Creation Hub): analytics, bulk uploading, bulk moderation
  • Publication types (public private, unlisted, premium tiers, unlisted, etc)
  • Publication time triggers
  • Premiering posts
  • Follow playlists
  • Group playlists (members can edit)
  • Event calendar: show interest, set notifications
  • Sidebar customization
  • Favorite subscriptions (pin subs in sidebar)
  • Discovery feed (find random content), word clouds
  • APIs for external dashboard publishing
  • Superchats
  • Donate with custom comment
  • Donate to comments (like reddit silver/gold)
  • Gifting memberships (multiple payment options)
  • Multi-channel networks: via Groups (mentioned) or profiles, shared revenue model, shared post privileges, staking.
  • Video subtitles: AI-based or custom
  • Moderation UX additions
  • Community Moderation System & Automod (anti-spam)
  • NSFW auto-tagging (open source AI model)
  • Backend anti-spam measures
  • More restrictions on unverified users
  • Membership-based live stream limits to reduce 24/7 streams
  • Blocking and muting of users, topics
  • Home feed personalization: keep score of #topics used by profiles according to your votes.
  • Custom themes
  • Translations (mix of professional and community effort)
  • More profiles badges: official/admin/moderator, airtime level, verified status (basic/KYC), custom badges
  • Topics UX improvements
  • Embed media/posts from other platforms including Bitchute, Minds, Gab, etc.
  • Embed external media (e.g. airshare link)
  • Continuous mobile UI improvements
  • (Extension feature) Cross-publish your posts/comments from other platforms automatically or manually. This could be useful to auto-publish your YouTube videos to BitTubers, for example.
  • Podcast features
  • & more…

Past, Present and Future

In the spirit of Rewind 2019, we’d like to close out this year by recapping what we’ve accomplished this year. Next, we’ll discuss the current state of BitTubers and what you can expect in 2020. Here we go!

January — March

Extension post-launch.

The first quarter of 2019 marked two consecutive hard forks which updated the AirTime distribution structure, reduced the payout window, allocated a 5% block reward fund for future community tasks and updated the GUI wallet. Next, after some ground work in the months prior, we started the development of the new BitTubers platform. In March we released a major extension update with a revamped UI and new features, including a VPN and exchanging TUBEs for local currency, since we managed to acquire wallet and exchange licenses in Estonia.

April — June

Upgrades to the Airtime module.

In the second quarter, we introduced significant upgrades to the AirTime module. To refresh your memory, the AirTime module is a small piece of code that publishers can add to their domain or application to record the AirTime (session time) from non-BitTube visitors. We added Staking, basic statistics of linked accounts and buying TUBEs with CC or crypto. Lastly, we introduced AirShare, an adaption of, an open-source file-sharing implementation based on WebTorrent.

After a long crunch period, June saw the launch of the BitTubers closed beta and BitTube Browser. The decision to introduce our own browser was based on our experiences with both Chrome and Firefox extension stores, realizing we needed more independence to safeguard the ecosystem we are trying to build.

July — September

All about BitTubers.

On July 1st the BitTubers public beta went live, followed by many additional features and improvements in following features updates:

  • Gallery posts and improved SEO,
  • mobile improvements, NSFW functionality, dark theme, YouTube and twitch embedding,
  • UI/UX update, video view, playlist improvements, no character limit for paid members,
  • and ongoing performance optimizations to reduce loading times and CPU/memory usage.

In August, we also compiled a list of upcoming features on our subreddit here. Lots of work to be done!

October — now

Fare thee well, It’s BitTubers time.

Finally, in October we successfully released the tools to migrate any remaining videos you might’ve had to BitTubers. The migration window closed one month later on November 18th, upon shutting down the platform.

During this time we also added translation support and launched In an effort to improve our release pipeline, the beta site is a sub-domain where we release bug fixes and new features first, before pushing those updates to production ( one or two weeks later.

In November we started working on the upcoming “Real Life” referral system. We had announced a referral system prior to this, but it had to go through several design revisions in the meantime before we were happy about it. We had intended to release the referral system earlier. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a little longer due to holidays and staff visiting their families around this time of year. It’ll come, pinky promise! In case you’d like to refer friends to BitTubers right now, don’t worry. We will add the ability for users to enter a referral link after they have signed up (within a set time window).

Additionally, we’ve started working on our moderation tools and have started writing up the much-needed Community Guidelines. Due to time constraints, this part of the platform has been lagging behind and we will kick it up a notch next quarter. We’re looking at better reporting workflow, better communication (email and platform notifications), a ‘warnings’ feature and several temporary ‘Restricted’ modes to deal with violating accounts without resorting to bans.

Last but not least, we also finally started mobile app development! Below is a sneak preview. We intend to have a public beta at the end of Q1 2020 and release the app to stores around the Bitcoin halving in May of 2020.

We see your feedback!

Going into 2020 we’ll continue to improve BitTubers. The platform in its current state is admittedly bare bones and quite rough around the edges. We have a clear idea where we have to go with it (see the Reddit sticky), nevertheless, your feedback is very much appreciated. Notably, what we’re looking to prioritize are the relatively inexpensive additions that give tangible improvements in the user experience. Here are some of your suggestions (in no order of importance) that we’ll work on our roadmap going forward.

  • Improve login, signup and verification experience
  • Add post scheduling
  • More publication types (e.g. unlisted, private)
  • Transcoding support
  • Detailed analytics and statistics
  • Manage multiple profiles from one account
  • Profile search function and categorization
  • More embedding support besides YouTube and Twitch
  • More account linking support besides YouTube
  • Personalized custom UI themes
  • Improved video player, e.g. playback speed and subtitles
  • Create quick links, for example name
  • Improve membership pricing info and structure
  • Better vanilla experience for guest visitors
  • More donation options (e.g. patronage, super chats)
  • Allow direct fiat donations
  • Purchase your membership with TUBEs
  • More staking options and investment vehicles

Next quarter we’ll be able to update you how these items will fit into the 2020 roadmap in more detail.

The BitTube ecosystem

Finally, we should mention the BitTube ecosystem upgrades that we’ll be seeing next year. Newcomers won’t directly know that the BitTubers platform is part of a bigger picture. The ecosystem right now consists of multiple pillars: BitTubers, the Airtime extension and module, the BitTube Browser and the TUBE cryptocurrency.

The year 2020 and beyond will see upgrades, expansions and better interoperability between each product. As stated on Reddit, we will introduce a mobile app capable of p2p money transfer, move to decentralized infrastructure powered by community-operated storage nodes, integrate a DEX (decentralized exchange) into the TUBE wallet and eventually move away from Proof-of-Work mining to something more efficient, versatile and secure.

Wrapping up

That’s it for now. We’ve undoubtedly brushed over some things in this article, but we tried to cover the subjects most pertinent to you as a user and customer. As always, let us know if you have any unanswered questions and we’ll be glad to answer them.

Monetize your time while browsing the web anywhere!

Add BitTube to Firefox And ur-browser

Download BitTube Wallet:

Download Wallet App - IOS

How it works

A single dashboard for managing your income from websites and apps you maintain. The AirTime module is able to reward you based on the session times from your non-BitTube guest visitors. Invite your guests into the BitTube ecosystem to maximize your earnings.

Follow these three easy steps and start enjoying the benefits of AirTime today.

Install BitTube extension

Add the extension to your preferred browser. Sign up and open the “Links” tab. Link your social accounts and website(s) here.

Give a name to your website, platform or app

Register your platform with the AirTime module here. Define a unique name to help identify your wallet for the installed module. Add as many domains as you like. 3

Get your custom code

You will receive a code with instructions. No coding skills required. Just copy and paste the code in your HTML body and AirTime will do the rest.


With the BitTube AirTime Module, you are in full control of your online revenue while being able to provide an ad-free experience to your visitors.

Independent from payment providers

BitTube is blockchain based. Therefore, you are the sole proprietor of the generated funds, which you are free to transact and exchange anywhere, or convert into local currency.

Ad-free user experience

Unleash your creativity with clean and ad-free web design that pleases your visitors. Attract new users from within the BitTube ecosystem.

No prerequisites

Start earning from the very first visit on your website, independent from ad networks and advertiser policies. Earnings are fair worldwide, only based on AirTime.

Get closer to your audience

Receive direct donations and subscriptions from your most loyal users. Protect your work and provide content access on demand.



Harness the power of blockchain and generate income from the most valuable resource – your visitors’ attention and session times. New to AirTime module? Find out if you’ve been visited by an BitTube extension user already!

App integration

Deploy frictionless in-app purchases and in-game currency. Foster user acquisition, interaction and engagement via instant transactions.

Paywall functionality

Provide on-demand content and subscription-based pages of your website with frictionless access. Focus on delivering quality content with great user experiences.

BitTube Wallet
Donate YouTube
Donate Twitter
Donate Twitch
Donate Amazon
Donate SoundCloud

Earn TUBEs

Earn TUBEs based on your online activity through AirTime. Link your social accounts and websites. Make donations to publishers, make transactions to anyone and convert your earnings into local currency.

Block ads

Browse ad-free and care-free without worrying about hurting the publisher’s revenue. The system instantly creates dedicated wallets for newly visited accounts or websites.


The extension natively embeds “Donate TUBEs” button for instant donations on all major platforms. It recognises whether you visit a website or a social profile feed.

Free VPN

Connect to a remote server to access geo-restricted content and surf the web anonymously and more securely. When enabled, the VPN service is subsidized by your AirTime rewards.

BitTube online wallet

Manage multiple addresses, send and receive funds directly within the extension. Import transaction history and monitor earnings from linked accounts and websites. Use your secret keys to restore your online wallets in the desktop or mobile wallet apps.

TUBE coin

TUBE is a new kind of money that provides a modern payment network.

Security & control over your money.
Works everywhere.
Fast international payments.
Minimal transaction fees.
Protect your identity.
Wallet app makes mobile payments easy.
Scalable decentralized processing.

TUBE – BitTube Coin

Current Price: 1 TUBE = 0.04724 USD

BitTube coin (TUBE) is a private cryptocurrency based on the CN Saber (CN Heavy Variant) Proof-of-Work algorithm without Premine or a ICO. Professional GPU miners secure the blockchain network, earning them block rewards that serve as the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem. A fixed share of the block reward is allocated for Airtime payouts. Learn more about mining in our Mining Guide .

TUBE is a Monero fork. It currently has a healthy network with roughly 1000 active miners.

Emission decrease is smooth: there is no halving for TUBE. It’s very easy for new users toget access to TUBE since all that’s required is basically browse the web. Currently there is no hardware wallet support. Marketcap
6 915 614 $ Volume (24h)
45 647 $ Total Supply
148 177 181

Max Supply
1 000 000 000


Bittrex Bitalong Upbit QBTC TradeOgre Livecoin

Buy TUBE direct at the BitTube extension with Credit/Debit card, wire transfer or other cryptocurrencies.

Coin characteristics

Name: BitTube
Ticker: TUBE
Algorithm: CryptoNight Saber (Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Verification)
Sector: Decentralised Monetization Solutions
Exchanges: Bittrex, Bitalong, Upbit, QBTC, TradeOgre & Livecoin

The hashing algorithm.
Cryptonight Saber in favor to GPU miners. ASIC’s, CPU or FPGA’s are not efficient to mine TUBE
A predetermined block reward amount written into the code by the developer, usually released on block 1.
No premine
The amount of coins distributed over a set period of time.
Block reward as of 16/05/19 – 400 TUBE
Block Time 120 seconds
Coins or tokens given away by the developer to the community either for a service or for participation in the project.
Registration reward 5 TUBE.
Referral reward 5 TUBE.
Rewards for browsing the Internet.
The available coins in circulation.
The maximum amount of coins that will be ever released. by year ~2050
Official mining pool

Block Reward Schedule

Current block reward:
Around 40O TUBE. Progressively diminishing rewards with each block.

Average reward per block for the next 365 days:
Around 375 TUBE. 45% of block reward distributed via AirTime to publishers and viewers with a 75/25 split.

Block reward distribution

Supply emission

Block reward

Available reports

Coin report
by Nik Patel
8th April 2019
Coin mining Audit
by “Proof of review”
October 2018

BitTube Browser extension

  • Buy TUBEs Purchase TUBE using wire transfer, other cryptocurrencies or a credit card. Benefit from extra low fees and discounts for services or products where TUBE is accepted. Withdraw directly to your bank account via “Convert my TUBEs” under the “Account” tab.
  • AirTime Every user running the extension generates AirTime. This rewards them for the time they spend on any web page. The publishers of these pages, including social accounts, earn based on the total AirTime from each visit.
  • Link account Link your website or social media account to your BitTube account here. Earn from other BitTube extension users. To set up AirTime earnings on your website from non-BitTube guest users, go to ‘Register Platform’. Learn more about AirTime. Add BitTube to Firefox
  • Block advertisements Improve your online experience and rid your Internet of intrusive ads, popups and tracking. Load pages faster, save bandwidth and manage whitelists.
  • VPN for free Connect to a remote server when needed. Access geo-restricted content and surf the web securely and anonymously. No tracking, no subscription required, no catch.
  • My wallet Be your own bank. You are the owner of your funds independent from payment providers. Set up multiple wallets to securely manage all your TUBE funds.
  • Buy TUBEs Purchase TUBE using wire transfer, other cryptocurrencies or a credit card. Benefit from extra low fees and discounts for services or products where TUBE is accepted. Withdraw directly to your bank account via “Convert my TUBEs” under the “Account” tab.
  • AirTime Every user running the extension generates AirTime. This rewards them for the time they spend on any web page. The publishers of these pages, including social accounts, earn based on the total AirTime from each visit.

BitTube Wallet app

The BitTube wallet application available for iPhone and Android synchronizes with your extension account. Manage your wallets dedicated to each linked account or domain and send TUBEs to other users. Use the QR code functionality to transact funds effortlessly.

Download Wallet App - IOS
Download Wallet App - Android
WooCommerce - WordPress plugin

Desktop wallet

The graphic user interface (GUI) wallet has extended functionalities, custom preferences and integrated mining software. With this wallet, you can restore any of your addresses using your secret keys or mnemonic seed. It is the safest way to store your funds. A dedicated address book can save frequently used addresses. Select your OS below to download. Windows Mac Linux

WooCommerce - WordPress plugin

WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Add BitTube payments to your WordPress store using our payment gateway plugin. Link it to your BitTube account and start accepting fast and commission-free payments. Allows for automatic conversion from local currency to TUBE based on real-time exchange rates. Go to WordPress Plugins download

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